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Website Maintenance and Security

Website Maintenance and Security

Once your website has been professionally created,  TimBerr Website Designs and Solutions can assist you in the maintenance and security of your website.

  • We will check your site daily to see that it is up and running correctly and smoothly.

  • We will do your updating of articles, latest news, images and any changes you might need.

  • If you have any 404 errors, we will do all your redirects.


  • Daily Backups of your website.

Change of your contacts and contact forms.

  • Your contact details may have changed- make sure these have been changed on your website

  • You may have new email addresses internally in your business and need to add these to your website.

  • These new email addresses also need to be set up with your hosting company.

Repair any components that might not be functioning optimally.

  • As the Internet is a dynamic system there is often the need to keep your site current with the evolving Internet environment.

  • All website design systems are continuously being updated and these updates should be regularly done to ensure your website is operating efficiently and effectively.

  • With our maintenance packages you can rest assured that your website is performing its function, while you focus on your business and your clients


  • It is essential to maintain the security of your website.

  • If you have not done regular updates to your website, your site could be vulnerable to a HackAttack



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