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The Psychology Couch

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A Journey on The Couch
 Heal. Learn. Grow.

Fraught with a galaxy of perils and challenges, we journey through our lives in a vortex of uncertainty. We seek the heady lights of wealth and status... the tender hearths of connection, shelter and love. We strive for causes, for meaning, for purpose and direction. We dream of adventures, conquests, of vibrant days and brighter futures. Yet, amongst this constellation of destinations we hurtle toward, there is a star we all gaze up to, a star we can almost touch, yet feels light years away... the meaning and understanding of ourselves. Remove the titles, theories and sterotypes, this is the power of therapy... to provide a light in the darkness that helps people find their way again and make sense of themselves and their lives. Thinking about seeing a therapist for the first time can feel frightening. For most people, it represents that change is needed and as we all know, change is very difficult. Designed to provide a safe space to explore your inner world, therapy at The Couch helps people to find solutions to obstacles standing in their path and provides them with the tools to cope, grow and shape their lives in a way that is meaningful and authentic. And even though we cannot control how our journey ends, we can control the steps we take. And there isn't a more important step than your first.