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Having had an experience of setting up at least 2 websites for companies I have worked for in the past, I was rather daunted when asked to set up a website for a successful restaurant in a large university town in the Eastern Cape.

My previous experiences had been rather unsatisfactory leaving me with memories of large bills, poor service and a general feeling of disappointment!  The time spent setting up problematic templates (which were never corrected), daily management (which never materialised), feedback and statistics (that remained unknown) had been an experience I vowed never to repeat.

So my search for a company which would not put me through these rigors and would improve sales for the restaurant and highlight their quality food and service began!  After many conversations with other business owners, I chose TIMBERR in Johannesburg and asked them for a quote.  Despite the fact that they were not a local company they seemed to be delivering excellent search results (measured in a high level of hits and visits!) and their quote came in about 3 times less costly than the local companies quoting for the same service!

We decided to develop a “trading post style” website which would focus on the two aspects of our restaurant we wished to expand: our take-away menus and events bookings.

The result was a quickly delivered template, with all background issues such as existing contracts with service providers and registrations of domains, etc. etc. being dealt with quickly and efficiently.  What a relief as none of the restaurant staff had the patience or expertise to sort these administrative issues out!

Then after cost effective Skype meetings, we resolved template issues, content issues, management and training issues and the costs related to all of these in a friendly and pleasant way.

Brett and Tim often exceeded our expectations in the service they delivered!  We were pleasantly surprised each time we dealt with them and have ended up feeling that they are an extension of our marketing team!  Such personalised attention to our needs has yielded good results for us.

The site has been live now for almost 6 months and we continue to receive immediate responses to queries and excellent turn-around time on “add-ons” as the site grows.  We are more than happy with the guidance we have had.  It has resulted in not just increased business but an increase in the ease of doing business with us via our website!  Increasing numbers of customers are doing business with us via our website and we recently launched a website newsletter which has been an excellent marketing tool from the first mailing!

All this because of the wise choice of a responsive and knowledgeable website design team!

Highly recommended – please like us via our Facebook link when you visit the website and see for yourself!

Written by Denese Palm, Marketing and Events Planner at Haricot’s Deli & Bistro, Grahamstown.