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Big Website Design Special!

Website Design, Hosting and SEO Package.

R499.00 incl
(Per Month)


  • 6 Page Website
  • Responsive Website
  • 1 Hour Monthly Maintanance
  • Contact Page
  • Basic SEO-Analytics report.
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Discounted Logo Design**
  • 24/7 Hosting Support

TimBerr Web Solutions Hosting.

  • Web Traffic - Unlimited
  • Storage Space – 5 GB
  • Email Boxes - 100 
  • Email Aliases - 100
  • Free domain****

* Website deployment applicable from receipt of all website content and excludes weekends & public holidays.
** Ask about our Logo Design discount.
**** Should you cancel your TimBerr Web Solutions package or move to another hosting company your website is not transferable.
**** TimBerr Web Solutions only offers the Free Domain Name Registration promotion for "" domains with new customers who have purchased a new shared hosting package. This is a bundled package and cannot be separated. If a shared hosting package is cancelled or transferred within 6 months, the customer is liable to pay for his or her free domain. Such fees must be settled in advance before any domain transfer can take effect.

What’s included in this package:

  • No Upfront Costs
  • Single monthly fee
  • Use of a Professional Web Designer
  • Responsive Website
    • Optimised for Mobile, mobile friendly for Tablets and smart phones for the best viewing experience
  • You Choose a website Template, We customise it for you.
  • We customise colours, images, Font, Logo
  • You send us all your content; we tailor it just for you
  • Includes a Contact Form
    • So that your visitors can easily communicate with you for more information
    • Google Maps Integration
  • You get Basic SEO
    • Search Engine Submission
    • Generation of sitemap – submit to Google
  • Proper site search indexing
  • Monthly Analytics reports
  • Site Social Buttons
    • We will add social media buttons (Facebook & Twitter) to your website so visitors can easily find your social accounts
  • Got updates? Just send them through once a month.

What’s not included in this package:

  • Managing existing Wordpress or Joomla websites
  • Copywriting of content for new website and website page optimisation
    • Review of website - keyword analysis
  • Social Media Marketing – Social Media Account Creation
  • AdWords – digital marketing based on supplied budget (PPC)
  • 3rd party apps like ecommerce and shopping carts are not included
  • Stock Images
  • SSL certificates
  • Additional Design Concepts


  • How long will it take for the website to go live?

    It generally takes 3-4 weeks, the longest lead times are waiting for content and images from the client?
  • Is SEO included in the cost?

    1. The proposal includes Search Engine Submission • Generation of sitemap – submit to Google for Proper site search indexing
    2. Optional not included - Copywriting for search performance is not included therefore the content is not optimised for search engine traffic in relation to online competition.
  • How long can each page be?

    Good practice will be applied. It is not good practice to scroll down more than twice the screen fold/dimension. We can discuss if you need more; we will give direction for the best available solution. In some cases additional pages will be required as per the supplied proposal.
  • Will someone spend time with me at the office whilst doing the website or will I send everything to you and then approve a final draft?

    1. Content and images need to be supplied before the site commences. This will help identify any content challenges and allows us to help communicate and manage any functional expectations that cannot be delivered on due to content not being appropriate or missing for the task.
    2. Unfortunately the supplied cost does not support onsite visits, we accommodate skype meetings which will be scheduled at key intervals
  • What format do the images need to be in for the website?

    .jpg or .png is required. We will assess and inform you if the quality is sufficient. Thereafter we will do the necessary optimization for online viewing.
  • Is it possible to have scrolling images on the landing / home page?

    Yes, this proposal includes 3 - 5 image slider on the home page, high quality supporting images are required. (Stock images can be purchased separately if required.)
  • Will it be possible to have Social Media links on the website?

    Yes, social links to existing social media sites are included. Social Media Account creation is not included.
  • When does Invoicing start?

    We invoice on inception of the project for the first month, the reoccurring invoice starts after the supplied deadline date. In a situation where the customer delays supplying the required content during the project/timeline, the site will be invoiced reoccurring after the deadline date and based on an internal review (Deployment) we will decide if there is sufficient content to be made live or place on hold until the content has been supplied. The available monthly hourly maintenance will then be used to complete updates after the deadline has been passed if the time is sufficient in completing the remaining tasks.
  • How do I start the process?

    On sign up we will supply a time line for the key requirements we require from you. We recommend starting by creating a word document to represent the required content for the website with the required navigation Headings e.g. Home, About us, Services, contact us etc. see How to write a Brief We can review this on project inception and give you further direction if adjustments are required.
  • How do I get my content to you?

    We will supply a cloud storage link for you to upload all your images and content. We will review the content to ensure that it is suitable for the task, if not we will provide feedback.
  • Can I upgrade to a bigger package?

    Absolutely.We will tailor a package to suit your needs.
  • What if I already have a website?

    We will design a new website, either a redesign or something fresh depending on your requirements, while keeping your existing site on the web. Only once you have approved your new design will move the new site over.
  • Why isn’t my website ranking in Google?

    Ranking well on Google and other search engines doesn't happen overnight, especially if you have a new website. You need to consider adding on the SEO package which includes monthly SEO updates aimed at helping you improve your rankings and presence on all search engines. If you are looking for instant results, then consider our Google Paid Advertising product (PPC)
  • Can I buy my website or pay a once-off fee?

    You have the option to pay for a year in advance while still enjoying the monthly benefits from TimBerr Web Solutions. You can also buy out your website and the price will depend on the amount of hours and componants we have put in to build your website. But why buy out when you will lose out on all the added benefits (free monthly updates, website security, access to a dedicated designer )
  • Can I run e-commerce on my website?

    This does not include ecommerce. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t sell products on your website (through our product catalogue add-on) and make use of the contact form we provide you with.


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